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I started making videos when I worked for AOL. They were launching a new video feature, something akin to YouTube, and wanted a video that was fun, but not so good that it would intimidate AOL members -- making videos was new to most folks back then. I got a call from my boss who knew of my background in theater. She asked whether I could come up with this "seed" video that would be themed for Valentine's day.

"Sure," I said. "How soon do you need it?"

"By close of business today," she said.

Not enough time to recruit actors, and I had never made a video before. But I had considerable theater experience, determination, and a web cam that came with rudimentary video recording software. Before COB that day I called her back to say the video was ready to go. That video was the top video stream on AOL during Valentine's day week! So they asked me to make some more, for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, and New Year's. But they wanted people, not puppets.

That's where my "People Videos" came in, starring my family -- and each one got considerable hits on AOL!

But I wanted to make more puppet videos, so with the help of my family came up with the puppet videos.

Puppet Videos

Some of the stars of Vvids.
henny and the boys.jpg

Henny didn’t eggsactly come from an egg.

He learned his jokes around the barnyard.
henny foam.jpg henny 100x117.jpg

The Lovable Curmudgeon hanging out while his backup singers are constructed.

pine baldheads.jpg

The Lovable Curmudgeon was a honking big puppet, very hard to operate.  Sometimes it took two puppeteers, but he sure could play the ukulele!

tlcp neck.jpg

He would have been floored, except the comedy stage didn’t have a floor.

henny studio350x262.jpg

People Videos

A Mothers Day tribute to "Every Mom," The Mom  is a take-off of the popular television job interview, "The Apprentice.”

"The Mom" was featured on AOL for Mothers Day in 2004.


"Dadnet"was another one made for an AOL holiday feature, this time for Father's Day. A spoof on the classic "Dragnet," Detective Sonday is trying to find his missing Dad. Deadlines being what they are, this was put together in about a day, with video taking about three hours on a Saturday morning and editing in the afternoon. It was really a miracle, as there was no time to learn lines, and the interview scene was quite long, with the classic "Dragnet" style dialog.  But the kids came through with flying colors, and Detective Sergeant Sonday solved the case.

"Dadnet" was featured on AOL for Fathers Day in 2004.

Some unexpected stars, both Gracie and Spot the cats made sure they had roles in the video. Gracie even took an unscripted speaking part.

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